FCRCFC Events:  Following the lineup for early 2020.  We will add later events as we develop them

March 14:  Club meeting at Fluvanna County Library 10 AM to Noon.  This meeting will feature a special presentation entitled “Raptor Force: Nature’s Top Gun Fighter Aircraft and Stealth Bombers” .  Club president Bill Sykes will conduct the presentation, with two wingmen – a falcon and an owl – from the Raptor Force at the Wildlife Center of Virginia  .  Club members are welcome to bring their families to this presentation.

March 21:  Kite flying event 10 to 3.  Bring kites, airplanes, frisbees, whatever you have that flies.  Free and open to the public, lunch available with donation.

April 18:  Bingler Memorial Fly-In 9 to 4.  We honor the memory of  Robbie and Pete Bingler in our spring opener.  No landing fee, open to the public.  All aircraft welcome.  Lunch available with donation.  We will also be raising funds for Disabled American Veterans.  Please donate generously.

May 15 – 17:  Heli Domination

Other Events of Aviation Interest

Other Local Club Events

February 15: Newport News Swap Meet 9 am to noon

February 22: Valley RC Swap Meet 2020

May 2:  Hanover RC Club outdoor swap meet and fun fly

May 2:  Valley RC Club Spring Opener


June 12/13:  Valley RC Club 35th annual Ray Gordon Memorial Fly-In 10 AM to 5 PM

August 14 – 16:  Valley RC Club Shenandoah Pattern Classic